Quadcopter Engineering

Build your own quadcopter and take it home! Learn the fundamentals of aerodynamics and how to fly it.
The quadcopter you'll be building is no toy. It has built in gyroscopic stabilisation and is almost half a meter from propeller to propeller so can lift a very heavy payload - you could easily attach a GoPro or other similar HD camera. There are also many upgrade options possible using this flexible platform from adding GPS 'return-to-home' functionality to a FPV system ('First-Person-View' camera transmission).
During this exciting course you'll learn about aerodynamics, flight stabilisation, the physics of quadcopters and much more. You'll have plenty of time on a quadcopter simulator to hone your skills and then you'll move on to a real quadcopter. Everything is taken home at the end to let you continue your flying by yourself.
Suitable for All campers aged 13+ irrespective of experience - not recommended for campers who did the 'Aerospace' course in 2015 unless they wish to build another quadcopter and gain more flying tuition and experience
What you'll do Build a quadcopter, practise using a computer simulator and learn how to fly it safely
What you'll learn The aerodynamics of how quadcopters work / How to choose suitable RC components for a quadcopter based on specifications / How to build a quadcopter from component parts including connecting and soldering the necessary components / How to fly a quadcopter / Safety considerations and current legislation concerning quadcopters
What you'll take home All components necessary to fly the quadcopter, including the quadcopter itself, a high-capacity battery, charger and RC transmitter
Camp Price

Tech Camp UK: £795 (day Mon-Fri also includes lunch and snacks) / £1095 (residential Sun-Fri all inclusive)

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Tech Camp UK All weeks
(Only available at Winchester venue)