Robot Arms

Build your own accurate, programmable robot arm to take home.  Learn about C programming, inverse kinematics and much more ...
You'll build your own robot arm mechanics, solder a printed circuit board and programme the embedded microcontroller to control the arm. You'll start off with manual control to understand the mechanics of the arm before moving onto the 'Teach Method' of programming.  This is where you move the robot arm under computer control and the robot learns the motions - exactly the same way industrial robot arms are often programmed. You'll then progress to learning about inverse kinematics, which is how you go from a coordinate in 3D space back to positions of individual joints in the robot arm.  From there the sky's the limit - programme your arm to perform accurate repeatable tasks, draw pictures and much more ...
This course is based on an open-source robot arm but one that we've re-engineered for reliability and accuracy.  We've replaced the servos (the motors that create motion at the joints) with high-quality metal-geared versions and designed our own Arduino-compatible control board.  Our board has analogue controls for all four axes, two digital pushbuttons and an LCD display.
Robot Arm
Robot Arm
Robot Arm
Robot Arm
The Arduino environment we'll be programming in uses a C-based language that's the basis of many commercial programmes.  The skills you'll pick up can help you directly in other projects involving the Arduino and hardware control, as well as other programming languages.  Novice programmers will learn by modifying existing programmes and further developing them.  Experienced programmers will be able to explore more advanced concepts with the support of our tutors.
Please note - this course is now fully booked for weeks 1 and 2 at Winchester. We might possibly open another week in week 3 of the Winchester Camps (starting on 13th/14th August) - please register your interest by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!
Suitable for All campers aged 13+ irrespective of experience
What you'll do Build and programme an autonomous robot arm
What you'll learn

The Arduino hardware system / programming in C / digital position control using servos / programming hardware modules like LCDs, potentiometers and pushbuttons / inverse kinematics

What you'll take home Robot arm with Arduino controller board, LCD display, manual control system and AC power supply
Camp Price

Tech Camp UK: £625 (day Mon-Fri also includes lunch and snacks) / £925 (residential Sun-Fri all inclusive)

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SOLD OUT - Please see note above!

Tech Camp UK Weeks 1 and 2 (Commencing July 30/31 and Aug 6/7)

"MeArm Working" Video by Robert Fischer licensed under CC Attribution