Large group of Tech Camp staff and campers

Meet the Team

Tom Ward
Tom WardMD & Founder
An electronic engineer & teacher, Tom started the first camp in 2010 to fill up the long summer holidays and soon turned it from a hobby into a full-time occupation.
Jack Swanborough
Jack SwanboroughTechnical Manager
An engineering graduate from Cambridge and long-time tech enthusiast, Jack helps design and document our courses, and manages everything 'Tech' before, during and after our events.
Steve Bates
Steve BatesChild Welfare
A teacher and sportsman, Steve was previously Deputy Head of Elstree School. With his experience in schools & residential care, Steve now heads up our child welfare and tutor training.
Paula Swanborough
Paula SwanboroughOffice Manager
Aside from answering parent and camper questions (in several languages!), bookings and account administration, Paula is also our social media posting and newsletter guru.

Meet the Tutors

Our tutors are typically young engineers and computer scientists, studying at the UK's leading institutions.  They're recruited for their in-depth technical knowledge and ability to communicate their enthusiasm of technology with campers.  Here's a selection of tutors from our most recent season ...
Sam Pham
Sam PhamMeng Comp Sci, UCL & Full Stack Developer, Transferwise
Aaron Zolnai-Lucas
Aaron Zolnai-LucasMathematics, Warwick & Graduate AI Researcher
Shruti Chakraborty
Shruti ChakrabortyMechanical Engineering, École Catholique des Arts et Métiers
Ben Cradock
Ben CradockAeronautical and Aerospace Engineering, Leeds
Ben Slaney
Ben SlaneyGame Design & Production, Abertay University
Rebecca Tyson
Rebecca TysonComputer Science, Christ's College, Cambridge
James MacLeod
James MacLeodMechanical/Electrical Engineering, Strathclyde
Lucy Bell
Lucy BellSoftware Engineering, Queen's University, Belfast