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The Status of our Summer Camps and upcoming Remote Courses

The Status of our Summer Camps and upcoming Remote Courses

We've just written to parents of our summer camps explaining the current state.   Read below for an abridged version of the letter which describes some of our new online courses which will be shortly made available, and the options for parents to put payments towards these or to have a full refund if they choose to pull out or we decide to cancel the summer events.

Dear Tech Camp Parents,

From all at Tech Camp, I do hope that you are your family are staying safe and well.  We feel for all those whose plans have been totally turned upside down.  We realise this is pretty much everyone, but, in particular, those with children have another level of difficulty with school closures and uncertainty about when they’ll reopen.

We've recently had to cancel our upcoming Easter event.  With the recommended social distancing already in place, schools closing and the current spread of COVID19 there's of course no feasible way to run an event like this and keep everyone safe.  It's a great shame as it's the first time in our history that we've had to cancel an event and know that a lot of campers were greatly looking forward to it.

The status of the camps for summer is of course uncertain as well.  We’ll be continuing to accept registrations for the time being but are realistic that these are likely to tail off now.  It will probably become apparent in the coming few weeks whether it is likely our summer events could go ahead.  If there is any substantial uncertainty whether we can continue with these plans, then we will cancel the upcoming summer events.  We will make this decision in the next few weeks at the latest, and offer full refunds for everyone who has made any payments.

It's going to be challenging time for all and we'll be sending out in the next newsletter, free and low-cost ideas that you can use to occupy and educate the sort of tech-savvy youngster that come to our events.

We're also putting together a programme of remote class options ourselves starting in the next couple of weeks and will be emailing you about these in the next few days.  The idea is that there'll be a series of video conference-enabled workshops for children and teens that focus on the latest in everything Tech.  We'll be providing a number of course options from game design and programming through to practical electronics with mailed-out activity packs over the coming weeks.  We know it won't be quite the same as a face-to-face camp, but we've already got on-board some of our best tutors who are super keen to get involved and to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with the next generation of engineers, programmers and inventors in a safe yet sociable online environment.

For anyone who’s already booked our upcoming camps, we'll give you first priority to book any of these before advertising these publicly and you'll have the opportunity to apply any credits for payments you've already made for any upcoming camps to these courses, or put any current payments towards a future camp.

However, we realise many others are experiencing financial difficulties even greater than us, and of course you'll also have the option of receiving a refund as well next week should you choose to pull out, and we'll explain how we'll be processing these then.  Despite our terms stating that the initial £50 deposit is non-refundable, we’ll be refunding this as well to anyone who asks.  Rest assured that despite the problems we're experiencing, if you trust us to hold on to any payments they will be safe and sound.  For multiple reasons, including always keeping a contingency cash reserve, and a very understanding landlord who has offered us an immediate rent holiday (thanks Chris!) we can well and truly weather the storm even if it mean no camps would happen this year.  We're also extremely grateful for the support we've had from you as parents of the campers and haven't been bombarded with people worried about getting their money back, giving us breathing space to concentrate on what's really important, developing our new video remote classes, and demonstrating the faith you have in us.  We appreciate it.

Stay safe, and best wishes

Tom & the Tech Camp Team.


"Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit." Napoleon Hill