What's a Typewriter? - Residential Tech Camps UK Winchester
Tuesday, 28 August 2012 01:00

What's a Typewriter?

As part of our visit to IBM for the Raspberry Pi day we had a tour of IBM's museum. During the tour we were shown some of IBM's typewriters and after a long (but concise) explanation of the development of the typewriter, one of the kids asked what did these 'typewriter' things do? It never struck the rest of us adults that most of the children would never have seen one of these before.

I suspect the adults enjoyed this bit of the tour more than the children, reminiscing about days when 'laptops' could break your knee caps if you actually tried to put them on your lap. The history of the site was impressive as well, with Hursley House being used for the development of the Spitfire during the war.