Abu Dhabi Science Festival 2013 - Resident Camps in London
Monday, 25 November 2013 13:03

Abu Dhabi Science Festival 2013

For the second consecutive year Techcamp has enjoyed taking part in the Abu Dhabi Science Festival. We have brought to the United Arabic Emirates a new model of our robot, one that is much more rugged and versatile to play Robot Wars and Robot Football.

We have enjoyed this experience a lot. The country has a rich culture, tasty gastronomy and a nice temperature at this time of the year. Running the stand every day during the two weeks was easier than we thought.  Although we were really busy we had a bunch of science communicators (volunteer university students) that worked very hard and thanks to them everything was fun and went smoothly.  We have met some colleagues which, just like us, are passionate about education, technology and science; it has been a real pleasure sharing with them this adventure.  

After these two intense weeks we can breathe a sigh of relief and feel proud of our activity and the robustness of our robot. It has been an excellent test for the first version and to keep us motivated to improve it.