UK Tech Summer Camp | International Students | Learning English


Tech Camp is a fantastic event for students from overseas. Learn about computing and technology in an environment where you can also brush up on your English! Because of the unique nature of our camp, we have frequent enquiries from parents both in the UK and internationally. We usually have overseas campers present at our events and can help organise escorted transfer services between airports and the camps.  Most international campers generally stay for two weeks.

Because most of our campers are from the UK it's a great way for overseas students to both socialise with native English speakers and share their enjoyment for technology.  We typically have overseas campers from age 9 to 17.  We ask that they have good written and oral English skills (we suggest equivalent to level 'B1' or higher) as it's important for their own enjoyment of the camp that they can both read the written course materials and can engage the tutors and other students in conversations.  We do not have formal English language courses at the camp but all instruction is in English and we have very small tutor groups to allow high-quality instruction and help with any language issues.


For campers staying two weeks, we organise cultural and technology-related trips during the weekend between the two course weeks.  Trips vary but are always fun. We often visit places such as the Portsmouth Historic Dockyards, the HMS Victory, took rides on flight simulators, tried indoor rock climbing, visited the Intech Science Centre, Thorpe Park and much more.

Contact us if you would like to ask us any questions about international campers and we will get back to you as soon as possible.