What Campers Say

I went to the Winchester Tech Camp because my brother said it was brilliant.  I did Game Maker which involves making your own games and playing them and Laser Tag which is soldering circuits and making the game guns.

My tip for you is if you like games and programming then try Game Maker.  If you like sport then try Laser Tag!  This year I'm looking forward to laser tag because you get to design your own laser guns and programme them.

Mary, Age 10

I first learnt about Tech Camp when I was 9. Over the last four years I've done 10 weeks of Tech Camp! At my first camp we did rocketry which I absolutely loved so I wanted to go back. I also really enjoy all the activities at Tech Camp like computer coding, soldering and making things. So far I've done FPS Gaming, Game Maker, Rocketry, Web Design, and Laser Tag (and a few others). Last summer I did Game Maker and Laser Tag.

One of the highlights for me was last year when I was building a car game using physics. I set the car speed to 600 mph and it crashed out which was great fun! At home Tech Camp inspired me to make my own projects including a robot that we built using an electric drill and a fully automated chicken house that opens in the morning and closes at night!  This year I'm really looking forward to doing the new Laser Tag course and to be able to hack the code and add buttons.

Luke, Age 13

I’ve been coming to Tech camp since I was twelve and have done courses in Rocketry, Robotics, Aeronautics and Raspberry Pi. We also did extra activities in the evenings and I especially loved reverse engineering where we took apart everyday machines like printers, computers and photocopiers.  I have learned many different skills, including programming, soldering, wiring, flying and how machines work. I have taken home rockets, working robots which I programmed myself, have built a drone (which I fly at home).

I enjoy being with people who are interested in the same sort of things as me. It’s been great to learn things that you don't get taught at school like soldering and electronics.  I would definitely recommend going to Tech Camp as all the people are so friendly and you never get a chance to feel homesick. I have used the skills I learnt to make many projects including programmable models. Going away to Tech camp on my own has given me more confidence and I feel that anyone going should not be scared as everyone makes it easy to join in and enjoy learning.

Jack, Age 15
I've been to Tech Camp now three times. I initially went because I was interested in technology. I've done course on Rocketry, Laser Tag, Robotics, Raspberry Pi, and Game Design (twice!).

My experience with game design at camp led to me starting an after-school club teaching game design to younger students. I'm looking forward to coming back because of the friendly atmosphere and the great technical resources at Tech Camp.

Ryan, Age 16