What Parents Say

Would you like to know what other parents think of our camps? Here are some typical responses from parents of children who attended our camps.  They are unsolicited and typical of the emails we receive following one of our events:

Our son was on the robot arm course in Winchester last week. I wanted to reply to say he had an absolutely brilliant week - he made some great new friends with similar interests to him (not always easy to find in a football obsessed world!). He has been positive about everything- the venue, the food, the tutors and helpers, the evening activities. We have been so impressed by the arm he brought home and what it can do! (Though still not quite doing my housework for me). I would also like to say that all of the pre camp admin and information was great and we were welcomed really well on the first day. Thanks for pulling out extra stops to enable him to do his running training during the week - we appreciated that extra effort. He would definitely like to hear about next year's camps

Just a quick note to say a big “Thank You” to all of you. Conor had a lovely time at the camp and enjoyed each and every activity. I don’t think I have seen him this excited for ages. The updates and picture were excellent and I am sure the parents of the children who were staying over really appreciated them.

A quick email to thank you so much for running such a great camp. Jack has arrived home and has not stopped talking and he is desperate to come next year if you'll have him! He does not have much confidence so it was lovely to see him having such a lovely time. A huge thank you to you and please pass on my thanks to all your team who have all obviously worked so hard.

Peter, the parent of one of our many home-educated campers says:

“Tech Camp has given Owen the opportunity to learn new skills  about subjects which interest him and helped to build his self-esteem. He attended the Rocketry course and built several rockets and the launch controller. As home educators we could have built the rockets no problem but wouldn't have had a clue about building the launch controller.  It also gave Owen the chance to mix with children with similar interests. Whilst at school he had friends but they did not have an interest in the same things. Since Tech Camp, Owen has decided he wants to go back to school in September, and has a place at a very well regarded independent school which has a great STEM provision, something that was sadly lacking in his education in years 1 to 4”.

Thank you for arranging the liquid nitrogen evening and allowing the previous camp attendees to come and view a very interesting evening. Toby had a great time back at the camp and was the entertainment for the family the following day telling us all about it. We have also had success with the game - burning another CD for us did the trick and the boys have been enthralled. Once again a huge thanks for all you have done - Toby can't wait for next year.

Bradley is loving every minute of his time with you all. He doesn't stop talking from the moment he gets home, until he goes to sleep and it's all about the amazing activities and fun he is having.

... thanks for all this. I meant to say that Alexander had a great time, he was quite effusive about it all - very unlike him.

I hope you have recovered by now from the very successful camp. I am sure you have had loads of positive feedback and I just wanted to add to them. Alastair returned home so enthused and engergised by the whole experience and he clearly has learned so much from the experience. Congratulations and we would definitely like to book a place for the next one!

I rather belated thank you for a fabulous week my son, Sam had on your technology camp. He enjoyed every minute and he will almost certainly want to do it again next year. Please let us know the dates as soon as you can before we start thinking about summer holidays!

Thank you for organising a really inspired and great week. Saul enjoyed it tremendously and seemed to learn a lot.

Thank you for your entertaining and informative updates. We have enjoyed reading them. Doug had a great time last week and has been providing useful and sometime bizarre snippets of information on a daily basis! P.S. There are some great photos of the rocket cars! Doug loves his car and repeated tells us about the race it was in!