AI Assistant Camp

Build and code your own AI personal assistant

Learn Python and AI as you build and code your own personal assistant.  You'll create a device similar to Amazon's 'Alexa' or 'Google Assistant' and learn about neural networks, deep learning and interfacing electronic modules to your assistant.

You'll be given sophisticated hardware including an AI board with camera, screen and audio player.  Along the way you'll use it to create many fun projects, including a face-recognising security alarm, a secret security box opener, an audio-controlled music player and even a handheld gaming system.



Skill Required

Intermediate to Advanced
(Basic Python skills recommended)


Easter + Summer Holidays


5 Days (Easter 4 Days)



Why do AI Assistant


Take it home

Don't just learn about them - build your own games and take them home to continue creating

Professional Skills

Unity is used by professional developers every day to create amazing games

Unique Projects

Create great-looking games easily and quickly with our unique templates, courses and tutorials


You'll take home

  • Your own AI assistant complete with camera, screen and speaker
  • USB drive with all of your work and projects

You'll learn

  • How to program AI in Python
  • Concepts of neural networks and deep learning
  • Speech and face-recognition, and object classification

Need to Know

  • 1:8 Staff-Student Ratio
  • All Equipment Provided

AI Assistant In Detail

Courses run 9:30am - 4:30pm* Mon-Fri
*Winchester venue finishes 5:30pm/3:15pm (Last Day)

Python is one of the most popular languages today, and not just in education.  It's the most widely-used language for Artificial Intelligence (AI), with many libraries available to handle tasks such as object recognition and classification, face recognition and speech recognition.  You'll be programming in Python on an embedded controller that includes a sophisticated 64-bit dual-CPU chip complete with additional dedicated CPUs for audio processing and 'convolutional neural networks'.

So what does all this mean?  It means that you'll be programming an incredibly powerful board that has the processing power to recognise images and decode speech.  We'll teach you how to do this and more, and along the way you'll create music players, game systems, and security systems with facial recognition.  You'll pickup valuable skills in Python and AI - two of the hottest Tech Topics today.

Day 1

Icebreaker activities and gaming.

Assembling your AI assistant, using the Python REPL, and running a game system on your hardware.


My child has little programming experience - can they still do this course?
We recommend this one for people with basic Python skills already.  You should be able to create a 'Hello World' Python programme, use variables, loops and conditionals, and write simple procedures.  Those with limited Python experience could consider doing our Python Games remote course to learn these skills.
Five Stars Just left my boys’ first Tech Camp. They’ve been at the Chelsea camp all week doing game design in Unity. They loved it and are thinking of doing the robot making one next year. Really professional and helpful staff. Very happy kids. 

Ruth Luckett, August 2019
Childcare vouchers accepted

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