Music Engineering Summer Camp

Create, Record & Produce Professional-Quality Music


Your Tutors

Join Justin Myers and Chris Cooper in the amazing studios of the Britten building at Greshams.  Justin and Chris are active in the music industry with recent collaborations including works by Rollo Armstrong, Faithless and Dido.

Would you like to learn how to create music electronically?  Perhaps you're an amateur musician, or maybe you just love technology and have a creative streak?

You'll use industry-standard 'Logic' software in a fully equipped professional studio to record and recreate music in the style of your favourite artists and bands.  You'll learn how to use software and hardware synthesisers, digital effects, and recording techniques to make your finished production.

If you're a musician already, bring your instrument (or your voice!) to participate in the recording.  If not you can learn how to create music electronically using technology.



Skill Required

Beginner to Advanced


Summer Holidays


5 Days


Norfolk Only

Why do Music Engineering


Take it home

Don't just learn about music - create your own professional-quality tracks to take home and add to your portfolio

Professional Skills

Learn using industry-standard hardware and software including 'Logic X'

Unique Facilities

Use the amazing recording studio and facilities in the Britten building at Gresham's

You'll take home

  • Audio tracks you've recorded and produced
  • A wealth of knowledge you've gained in music production

You'll learn

  • Techniques to record instruments
  • Skills in 'Logic X' software
  • How to use syntehsisers and plug-ins
  • How to make other-worldly sounds using Granular Synthesis 

Need to Know

  • 1:8 Staff-Student Ratio
  • All Equipment Provided

Music Engineering In Detail

Courses run 9:30am - 4:30pm Mon-Fri

This course offers an introduction to industry-standard record production and involves completing a finished recording by the end of the course.
We'll be using Logic X software to record real instruments including guitar, saxophones, basses, vocals and a wonderful Steinway grand piano as well synthesisers and a huge array of software plug-ins.  We'll also be incorporating instruments and musical skills any campers come with if we can.

There will also be the opportunity to experiment with granular synthesis to create other-worldly sounds which can be included into recordings and soundscapes.

You'll then take home your audio tracks, music and recordings in WAV and MP3 format.
Day 1

Recording techniques and skills


My child has no experience in Music Technology - can they still attend?
Yes! We only ask that they're interested in the topic.  We expect some students to be musicians already who will come with their musical skills (and instruments), although there's plenty to learn and do even for those with no instrumental skills.  Justin and Chris are experienced musicians and teachers themselves and will be teaching the campers new skillls that will be equally exciting for accomplished musicians and newcomers alike.
Five Stars Our kids are back from their 3rd/1st trip to Tech Camp. They’re raving about it and already picking the courses for next year. My son (14) has done two game design courses on previous stays but tried his hand at making a 3D printer this year. It’s absolutely amazing and he’s designing and printing all sorts of things ...

Victoria Jane, August 2019
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