FPV Rally Racing

Learn about mechanics, electronics, coding, and aerodynamics as you design and build your own high-speed racing car

You'll construct a miniature RC car & customised control system by hacking into an electronic steering wheel and pedal system.  Together with an FPV camera and headset, you'll have the ultimate racing experience.

This is no simulator. You'll feel like you're in the cockpit of a real race car – albeit a miniature one - so you'll have to hone your driving skills to avoid crashing your vehicle.



Skill Required

Beginner to Advanced


Easter + Summer 2021


5 Days



Why do FPV Racing


Take it home

Design and build your car and racing system & take home the full kit

Professional Skills

Learn mechanics & physics of race cars, and programming in C++

Unique Projects

Designed from scratch by professional engineers & not available anywhere else

You'll take home

  • High-speed racing car
  • Remote-control driving system
  • FPV video headset and camera

You'll learn

  • How to build, repair and customise RC cars
  • Physics behind automotive design
  • Power control and battery systems
  • Programming in C++

Need to Know

  • 1:8 Staff-Student Ratio
  • All Equipment Provided

FPV Rally Racing In Detail

Courses run 9:30am - 4:30pm* Mon-Fri)
*Winchester venue finishes 5:30pm/3:15pm (Last Day)

You'll learn how to build, repair and customise an RC car and find out about the physics of racing. You'll discover out how to minimise air resistance, increase traction, and manage the power control and battery systems. Just like real race cars, success on the track is not just about the driver, but the technical skills of the engineering team.

You'll compete against other drivers in a number of challenges from endurance driving to high-speed races. You'll learn how to get maximum performance out of your power system, brakes, and suspension, and build your own programmable F1-style steering wheel to control everything.

This is the perfect course for tomorrow's automotive engineers and designers, those who like creating their own technology, and those with a passion for high-speed gameplay.

Day 1
Build mechanics of race car
Solder together RC receiver and install in car
How big are the cars - can they be driven inside?
The cars are 1/10th scale, around 42cm long - however, they are very, very fast so driving them inside isn't advisable. They can, however, handle fairly rough terrain, so somewhere like a large field, tennis court or a sports hall are all great places to race them.


Five Stars Our kids are back from their 3rd/1st trip to Tech Camp. They’re raving about it and already picking the courses for next year. My son (14) has done two game design courses on previous stays but tried his hand at making a 3D printer this year. It’s absolutely amazing and he’s designing and printing all sorts of things ...

Victoria Jane, August 2019
Childcare vouchers accepted

Upcoming FPV Rally Racing Courses

Winchester Cathedral

(Sparsholt College)

Easter Dates
Apr *11/12 - 15, 2020
Summer Dates

Aug *1/2 - 6, 2021 (*Residential Campers Start)
Aug *8/9 - 13, 2021
Aug *15/16 - 20, 2021
Aug *22/23 - 27, 2021
£595(Easter)/£695(Summer) Non-Residential
£955(Easter)/£1145(Summer) Residential

St Helen and St Katharine School Building

(St Helen & St Katharine)

Summer Dates
Jul 26 - 30, 2021

£695 (Mon-Fri Non-Residential)

Chelsea Academy Building

(Fulham Boys School)

Summer Dates
Aug 2 - 6, 2021

£695 (Mon-Fri Day Non-Residential)

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