micro:bit Maker Summer Camp | Programming, Coding, Electronics

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micro:bit Maker

A 1 day introduction to programming using the BBC micro:bit.
✓ 9-13 years
Calendar Icon1 day

Take Home:

micro:bit Miniature Computer
Kit of Electronic Components
USB Drive with your Programs

You Will Learn:

Core Electronics Skills
Basic Programming Concepts
Applying your Skills to Practical Projects

Need to Know:

1:8 Staff-Student Ratio
All Equipment Provided
4 x 1.5 Hour Sessions

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Want to try coding but don't know where to start? Fancy trying a taster camp before a full week? This is the camp is for you!

Learn how to get up and running quickly with the BBC micro:bit miniature computer, with our 1 day crash course on coding. Create a variety of exciting projects using the highly capable built-in features of the micro:bit, then see how to add your own electronic components to make even more complex designs.

Even better, take everything home at the end of the camp, and continue creating using the free online programming software.

This camp is also available as part of the 5 day Maker Week Summer camp.

  • Learn how to code using an easy, intuitive drag and drop system
  • Gain core skills transferable to other languages and GCSE Computing
  • Create programs using the built-in accelerometer, compass and LED screen
  • Easily integrate Bluetooth capabilities to use at home
  • Add some basic electronic components such as pressure switches and buzzers
  • Suitable for complete beginners with extra challenges for advanced campers!
  • Take the micro:bit and all the accessories home afterwards to continue your inventions!

Camp Dates 2018

St Helen & St Katherine, Abingdon 27 Jul Day 9-13 £134
St Helen & St Katherine, Abingdon 3 Aug Day 9-13 £134
Chelsea Academy, London 10 Aug Day 9-13 £129
Chelsea Academy, London 17 Aug Day 9-13 £129
Sparsholt College, Winchester 3 Aug Part of Maker Week only
Sparsholt College, Winchester 10 Aug Part of Maker Week only
Sparsholt College, Winchester 17 Aug Part of Maker Week only
Sparsholt College, Winchester 24 Aug Part of Maker Week only