Python Games

Learn one of the most important modern languages by creating your own advanced 2D Games

Type: Mon-Fri (2hr/day Tutor+2hr/day Projects) 
Price: £199   Age: 12-16
Suits: Beginners, but some familiarity with programming (including drag-and-drop) is recommended

Coding skills are in high demand in today’s world. Get in early and start your journey with this introduction to computational thinking with Python (the fastest growing programming community)! Once you have grasped the basics, go further to see how your coding knowledge applies to algorithms and game design. You’ll start with classic Python challenges, and then move into object-oriented concepts to design some of the all-time gaming classics, including your own version of Flappy Bird!  What you'll learn will teach you programming fundamentals that are applicable to all software concepts (gaming, cyber security, data manipulation and simulations).

  • 10 hours direct tuition + 10 hours self-paced projects
  • Max 8 students per class
  • Tech Camp certified tutor
You'll learn how to:
  • Code in Python
  • Use the popular PyGame library
  • Design animations
  • Use Object-Oriented methodologies
Class Requirements:
  • Mac or Windows PC
  • Webcam & Broadband Internet
  • Speakers & Microphone or Headset