Robotics Level 2

Extend your robot journey with line & light sensors, colour-changing LED modules and drawing robots

Type: Mon-Fri (2hr/day Tutor+2hr/day Projects) 
Price: £235   Age:9-12 & 12-16
Suits: Those who have done our Robotics Level 1 course (must be UK-based)
After you've done Level 1, upgrade your Invent! kit with extra components that we mail out, and then let our tutors teach you even more advanced robotics.  You'll start off exploring new sensors including the line follower and light sensor, use the pen holder to make a drawing robot, and use a grid of colour-changing LED lights to create lighting effects and games.  We'll also send you our robot map which has a race track that your robot will be able to follow and show you how to make your own race track as well!
  • 10 hours direct tuition + 10 hours self-paced projects
  • Max 8 students per class
  • Tech Camp certified tutor
  • 4 x upgrade modules for your Level 1 robotic kit
You'll learn how to:
  • Build even more robots & other physical systems
  • Program in Makecode or Python
  • Use line & light sensors
  • Navigate with line followers and complex autonomous navigation
Class Requirements:
  • Mac or Windows PC
  • Webcam & Broadband Internet
  • Speakers & Microphone or Headset
  • Invent! Starter kit (from Robotics Level 1)
  • Explorer add-on modules (will be sent to you - UK only)