Website Designer

Learn about web servers, hosting, content management systems and web programming as you create your own web site.

Type: Mon-Fri (2hr/day Tutor+2hr/day Projects) 
Price: £199   Age: 12-16
Suits: Anyone who'd like to learn to create professional-looking web sites fast
Ever wondered how professional web designers work?  They need to know some technical details like HTML and CSS but it's much quicker if you start with a CMS (Content Management System) and customise it to look and act exactly how you want.  During this quick-fire course, you'll learn about web hosting, cloud server setup, CPanel, Wordpress, templates, HTML, CSS and much more.  In the process you'll create a custom website on whatever topic you want.  It's been estimated that Wordpress powers over a third of the entire internet, so find out why, and gain valuable skills in the process.
  • 10 hours direct tuition + 10 hours self-paced projects
  • Max 8 students per class
  • Tech Camp certified tutor
You'll learn how to:
  • Quickly setup & maintain web servers using CPanel
  • Install and configure Wordpress CMS
  • Customise every aspect of your own website
  • Learn HTML & CSS
Class Requirements:
  • Mac or Windows PC
  • Webcam & Broadband Internet
  • Speakers & Microphone or Headset