Gamemaker Advanced

Take your GameMaker to the next level with professionally scripted games

Type: Mon-Fri (2hr/day Tutor+2hr/day Projects) 
Price: £199   Age: 9-12
Suits: Must have taken our first GameMaker course during a prior week
If you've taken our previous GameMaker course, this is a great next step if you'd like to work on more professional and advanced games.  You'll learn much more advanced techniques, starting with creating your own version of the classic Lunar Lander game. After that, we move rapidly onto GML, GameMaker's own scripting language to create other games such as a two-player tank game.  GML is a language dedicated to creating games using GameMaker, but being a 'C-like' language, and having similarities with higher-level languages like Javascript, it's a great way to start delving more in-depth into programming and learning transferrable skills.
  • 10 hours direct tuition + 10 hours self-paced projects
  • Max 8 students per class
  • Tech Camp certified tutor
You'll learn how to:
  • Design More Advanced Game Graphics & Backgrounds
  • Creating Gravity & Physics-Based Games
  • Learn GML Scripting
  • Create a verstion of Lunar Lander
Class Requirements:
  • Mac or Windows PC
  • Webcam & Broadband Internet
  • Speakers & Microphone or Headset
  • Must have taken GameMaker course with us previously