Minecraft Python

Build structures, teleport, play minigames and more by controlling Minecraft using Python

Type: Mon-Fri (2hr/day Tutor+2hr/day Projects) 
Price: £199   Age: 9-12 & 12-16
Suits: Beginner programmers and anyone interested in Minecraft

Bored of repetitive building in Minecraft? Can’t be bothered to mine any more? Using Python, you can create programs to do that for you. You’ll learn to program in Python using the MCPI API to communicate with Minecraft, and see programming concepts come to life in a shared Minecraft server. You’ll start by learning fundamental concepts like variables and loops, and soon you’ll be using code to make large buildings in seconds, and create minigames to challenge your fellow programmers.

  • 10 hours direct tuition + 10 hours self-paced projects
  • Max 8 students per class
  • Tech Camp certified tutor
You'll learn how to:
  • Code using Python - a popular programming language used by professionals and learners alike
  • Use programming concepts like variables, loops, functions and libraries
  • Interfacing Python with Minecraft
Class Requirements:
  • Mac or Windows PC
  • Webcam & Broadband Internet
  • Speakers & Microphone or Headset
  • Minecraft Java Edition 1.11.2 (Paid copy)