Arcade Gamer

Build advanced platformers, scrolling shooters, maze games & even Pacman!

Discover the world of 2D game design as you code games for your own Handheld Game Console (which we’ll send you through the mail).  Using Makecode Arcade, a simple to learn but powerful game development system, you can design games on your desktop and then download them to your game console to play whilst you’re on the move.  You’ll learn techniques of sprite (graphics) and sound generation, level design, physics systems and more as you build multiple games over the week.  Perfect for beginners and expert coders alike, you’ll learn the skills to develop your own games.





Suitable For

Beginners + anyone new to Makecode Arcade (UK only for kit mailing)


Mon-Fri 2hr/day video classes


Your Home
Skill Building60%
Coding / Programming90%

How does this online course


Learn at home

Daily 2hr video classes with max 8 students and optional 1-2hr/day project-based learning set between lessons

Professional Help

Learn from expert tutors, with bespoke assistance over Zoom during the sessions

Unique Projects

Interactive learning with daily creative & hands-on projects only available at Tech Camp

You'll learn how to

  • Code 2D games
  • Programe in Makecode Arcade
  • Create maze games, platformers, pacman and more
  • Design sprites, sound effects and levels

You'll need

  • Mac or Windows PC
  • Webcam & Broadband Internet
  • Speakers & Microphone or Headset
  • Handheld Game Console (will be mailed - UK only)

Arcade Gamer In Detail

Over the week you’ll program a variety of games, including space shooters, your own version of pong, platform games and a maze game.

We’ll be using the Makecode Arcade programming environment, which uses drag and drop blocks that teach real programming concepts in an engaging way – and enthusiastic coders can even see what their block programming does in JavaScript. You’ll also explore the creative side of game design, from coming up with your own theme for different mechanics to creating your own pixel art.

Our Tutors
We've brought together the best of our tutors to instruct and help the students. They're typically recent graduates or undergraduates studying Engineering or Computer Science at leading Russell-group Universities. Of course they're chosen for their communication and technical skills and have Enhanced DBS checks for working with children.

Our Sessions
Engaging learning must be hands-on. Our 'At Home' programme offer a mix of video tutoring, collaborative learning and self-paced project work during and after the session to make sure that learning is deep, engaging and lasting.
First book your course
Sign up to Arcade Gamer, on your chosen week.


My child has no prior experience - can they still attend?
Yes! We don't assume any prior knowledge for our courses.  The only exception is if when we run followup courses that are labelled as 'Advanced' or 'Level 2' that normally require the prior course to have been taken.  Do ask if you're unsure.
Five Stars The online course was great and the tutor engaged with the children and helped them calmly and effectively - we were not needed at all. My son really enjoyed the course and did all of the extra challenges too.

Alina Goad, July 2020
Childcare vouchers accepted