Games & Animation Tech Box

Make your own smartphone document camera and use it and the included whiteboard and markers to make amazing animations and games in minutes

Like the idea of creating animations and games?  Anyone can with this Tech Box!  Using the included smartphone document scanner kit, whiteboard, markers and game pieces, creating games and animations is as simple as taking a photo!

If you're artistic, draw your characters and games from scratch and if you need a helping hand, choose from over 50 fun premade blocks.



Suitable For

Anyone creative whatever their age or experience


8+ (adult assistance)
10+ (minimal assistance)

How does this Tech Box


Create at home

Open the box and access the online lessons for instructions

Professional Help

If you experience a problem, drop us a message and we'd love to help

Unique Projects

This Tech Box is custom designed by Tech Camp engineers and not available anywhere else

You will ...

  • Assemble a smartphone document scanner
  • Create 'whiteboard animations'
  • Make games using pens and markers
  • Play your games on any smartphone
  • Share your creations with others

You'll need ...

  • Access to an android or iOS smartphone
  • A copy of the game creator app (purchased separately on the app store for £2.00 - we'll include a link in the box)
  • A sense of fun!