Photography Tech Box

Build a smartphone camera stand and create amazing light paintings and 'blueprint' sun photos

Create your own 'blueprint' sun-sensitive photo paper using the photographic solutions and the included art paper.  Use the solutions to sensitise a t-shirt to make a photographic print you can wear.

Use the included coloured LED torch kits and smartphone stand to explore 'Light Painting' and make stunning long-exposure shots.



Suitable For

Anyone creative or with an interest in photography


8+ (adult assistance)
10+ (minimal assistance)

How does this Tech Box


Create at home

Open the box and access the online lessons for instructions

Professional Help

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Unique Projects

This Tech Box is custom designed by Tech Camp engineers and not available anywhere else

You will ...

  • Assemble a smartphone camera stand
  • Build three coloured LED torches
  • Create light paintings 
  • Make 'blueprint' sun-photos
  • Create your own photgraphic T-shirt 

You'll need ...

  • Running water to develop your prints
  • Access to a smartphone camera for the light painting
  • An inexpensive white cotton t-shirt