Smart Materials Tech Box

Explore a dozen of the latest smart materials including super-absorbent polymers, self-healing plastics, and metals that remember their shape

Like the idea of a chemistry set but are beyond that?  Don't want to do all the boring experiments?  This set takes you straight to the best in the world of chemistry and physics, with 12 amazing smart materials.

Experiment with reusable 'Gecko' tape, see metals that can remember their shape and spring back when warmed, and experiment with super-absorbent polymers that instantly turn to 'snow' when you add water.



Suitable For

Anyone inspired by amazing materials and inventions


8+ (adult assistance)
10+ (minimal assistance)

How does this Tech Box


Create at home

Open the box and access the online lessons for instructions

Professional Help

If you experience a problem, drop us a message and we'd love to help

Unique Projects

This Tech Box is custom designed by Tech Camp engineers and not available anywhere else

You will ...

  • Experiment with shape-memory metals
  • Play with non-Newtonian fluids that bounce
  • Make 'snow' with super-absorbent polymers
  • Experience self-healing plastics

You'll need ...

  • The curious mind of a child (being a child also helps)
  • The ability to play even if you've grown up!
  • A sense of wonder