Smartphone Lamp Tech Box

Construct and program a smartphone-connected colour-changing lamp

With this exclusive Tech Camp project, you'll build a computerised colour-changing smartphone lamp.  You can download our sample code or for those that are into coding, customise the lamp with features like automatic timings, night modes and wakeup functions.

The lamp can be controlled just with the onboard button, or if you have access to a smartphone you can create an app to control power, colours, timings and more.



Suitable For

Anyone who likes making things, likes stylish gadgets or coding


8+ (adult assistance)
10+ (minimal assistance)

How does this Tech Box


Create at home

Open the box and access the online lessons for instructions

Professional Help

If you experience a problem, drop us a message and we'd love to help

Unique Projects

This Tech Box is custom designed by Tech Camp engineers and not available anywhere else

You will ...

  • Assemble a smartphone lamp kit
  • Program the onboard 'microcontroller'
  • Modify the sample program to your liking
  • Create a smartphone app (optional) to control the lamp

You'll need ...

  • A small to medium 'Phillips' screwdriver (cross-head)
  • Access to a PC or Mac to program the microcontroller
  • A smartphone (optional) if you want to control it via an app
  • A way of powering it via USB - this could be a USB 'phone charger', a USB power adapter or by plugging into a computer