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Weekly classes on different Tech Topics. Explore programming, electronics, forensics, puppetry, animation and more!

Do you like Technology, Science & making things?  Can't wait for the next holidays for more Tech Camps?  Join our expert tutors for weekly hands-on Tech workshops in your own home every Saturday or Sunday.

This 10-week programme is packed full of creative STEM projects.  At least 3-4 lessons every term involve physical equipment which we ship to you at the start of the term.  This term's practical projects involve building electric circuits by sewing with silver thread, creating a toothbrush robot, fingerprinting yourself (and your family!) and even learning animation with your own articulated puppet.

Not sure if it's for you?  Try out Taster Session for under £20 or cancel after the first three sessions for a refund.




All Tech Enthusiasts


Saturday & Sunday options
Commence Jan 16/17
Last Session Mar 27/28
(No sessions Feb 20/21)


Weekly 90 minute sessions


Your Home


£349 / term (includes 10 lessons, tuition, supplies & 2 x shipments)

You'll learn

  • Animation with puppetry
  • Creating sewable circuits and 'bristlebots'
  • Binary and how computers store information
  • Creating digital images, music

Need to Know

  • Never more than 8 students
  • Tuition by Engineering and Computer Science experts

What you'll need

  • A PC, Mac, Ipad or Chrome Book
  • Internal or External Webcam
  • Headset or Speakers/Microphone


Learn about crime scene science from fingerprinting to blood spatter analysis! Along the way you'll learn how to use your own fingerprinting kit!

Puppet Animation

Build your own articulated animation 'puppet' and learn stop-motion animation.


Learn about electric circuits as you construct your own vibrating robot based on a toothbrush!

Textile Circuits

Create circuits using silver thread and sewing as you make your own light-up character

Image by Sparkfun CC SA


Learn coding as you create a 'Scratch Classifier' to identify items


Learn how hackers work and how to protect your confidential information and your online privacy

Game Designer

Learn coding as you create a platformer game in 90 minutes and share it with your friends!

Binary Bracelets

Learn the language of computers, how to count in binary, and code your name into hardware with a 'Binary Bracelet'!

Image Magic

Discover how computers store and process images and how your eye works as you create your own digital pictures and amazing optical images

Digital Music

Learn how digital audio works as you create your own backing track for a video game, complete with percussion, bass and melody!/p>

Keep connected

Stay stafe safe in your own home but connect & socialise with peers who share your interests

Tech Camp Tutors

Run by the best of our certified Tech Camp Tutors who are experts in their field

Our Best Projects

Learn game design, programming, electronics 3D design and more

In Detail ...

The Best of Topics
Each term we select ten STEM topics that are guaranteed to engage young people whatever their age or experience.  These topics are hand selected out of Tech Camp's vast repertoire of projects and lessons we've designed over the years for our own camps, schools, and clients including The Science Museum and the Abu Dhabi Science Festival.  There's also plenty of ones we've custom designed just for Tech Club.  Together they form a programme of learning that professes within and between terms to teach the most important tech skills for young people growing up in the 21st century from coding through to 3D design, engineering and electronics.

The Best of Tutors
We've brought together the best of our tutors to instruct and help the students.  They're typically recent graduates or undergraduates studying Engineering or Computer Science at leading Russell-group Universities.  Of course they're chosen for their communication and technical skills and have Enhanced DBS checks for working with children.

The Best of Sessions
Engaging learning must be hands-on.  Our 'At Home' programme offer a mix of video tutoring, collaborative learning and self-paced project work during and after the session to make sure that learning is deep, engaging and lasting.

First choose your course
We run all sorts of different courses in school holidays, but a single set programme for our 'Tech Clubs' with different, changing topics every week.  Look for 'Tech Club' on our booking system calendar.


What are the dates?
The dates for the first term in 2021 are:

Jan 16/17, Jan 23/24, Jan 30/31, Feb 6/7, Feb 13/14
(no session Feb 20/21)
Feb 27/28, Mar 6/7, Mar 13/14, Mar 20/21, Mar 27/28

The Tech Club Tasters are typically run a week or two before these dates.
Five Stars Just left my boys’ first Tech Camp. They’ve been at the Chelsea camp all week doing game design in Unity. They loved it and are thinking of doing the robot making one next year. Really professional and helpful staff. Very happy kids. 

Ruth Luckett, August 2019