Tech Painting Tech Box

Experiment with six incredible smart paints and design the most memorable pictures and cards that respond to heat, light and moisture

Create the most memorable paintings, cards and artworks with six amazing 'Smart Paints'.  Create secret art that appears only when warmed with your hand or breath, add features that glow in the dark, and experiment with colour-shifting nanoparticle paint.

Using the included art paper, watercolour paint set, brushes and cards, you'll have everything you need out of the box.



Suitable For

Anyone creative or with an interest in photography


8+ (adult assistance)
10+ (minimal assistance)

How does this Tech Box


Create at home

Open the box and access the online lessons for instructions

Professional Help

If you experience a problem, drop us a message and we'd love to help

Unique Projects

This Tech Box is custom designed by Tech Camp engineers and not available anywhere else

You will ...

  • Create paintings and other art
  • Experiment with six 'Smart Paints'
  • Produce the most memorable gift cards
  • Explore paints that are heat and light-reactive
  • Create art that reveals secret patterns and messages

You'll need ...

  • A curious and creative mind
  • A sense of fun!