Private Lessons

Found an online course that you'd like to study or want to learn coding privately?  

Choose from one of our existing online courses or have a 'free-form' lesson based on a topic of your choice such as Python programming or robotics, or even get help with schoolwork, and we'll select the best tutor for you and your child from our most experienced and qualified certified Tech Camp tutors.

You can choose an hour a day, an hour a week, or indeed any other timings that work for both you and the tutor.

Buy five lessons from just £250 for up to three students - perfect for filling a whole school week with Tech fun, or spread it over five weeks for a more cost-effective option.  We offer these in a 1:1 format and at a time that works for you.  It's perfect for going much more in-depth and personalised with a single student or a couple of siblings, or find a couple of friends for a private lesson at a time that works for you.

Call us today on the number at the top of the screen to discuss, or Email us and tell us more about what topic you'd like, when you'd like it, and how often, and we'll get back to you ASAP.