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Junior Starter Kit

Junior Starter Kit

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Bring coding, electronics and design to life in the classroom with Invent! - a rugged, easy to use robotics kit for teaching coding in the classroom.

This version based on a more affordable, even easier to use platform than our normal Starter Kit, specially designed for educational use, with instant, driverless programming using a straightforward drag-and-drop interface.

Perfect for ages 7 and over, the kit pairs with 10+ hours of online curriculum and tutorials, for both students (and teachers!) learning programming from the ground up.

Starter Kit Junior Contents

Starterjunior Contents M
  1. Base board
  2. Crumble Controller board
  3. 2 x Motors
  4. 2 x Switch Blocks
  5. 1 x Buzzer Block
  6. 1 x Red/Green LED Block
  7. 1 x Magnet Block
  8. Connecting cables
  9. USB Cable
  10. 3 x AAA batteries
  11. Storage box

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