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Tech camp is the UK's leading provider of technology-related camps for children. We also run workshops for schools, companies, science museums and festivals both in the UK and internationally.

We run a wide range of courses and camps, with topics as diverse as game and app design, robotics, rocketry, web development, electronics, engineering and even the science of chocolate and special effects!

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Our variety of quality courses attract children from the UK and abroad and we have been visited by the BBC and recommended by the Times.

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Upcoming Events


  • Abu Dhabi Science Festival

    We're at the Abu Dhabi Science Festival running a workshop called "Light Fantastic" and we're having a fantastic time running it!  The children are making some amazing light painting images - have a look below to see the images from the gallery.  Please note that the gallery has multiple pages - use the 'last' button to go to the most recent ones.  We'll be updating these daily.

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  • Maker Faire & The Time Machine

    Tech Camp are heading up to the Newcastle Maker Faire again, and this time we’re bringing our very own time machine!  It’s top secret at the moment but we can speed-up, slow-down, freeze, and even reverse the flow of water using the three ‘time controls’!  We’ll be making up a few of these machines for the public to try out as it’s hard to stop playing with them once you start!  For those who don’t know about the Faire, it’s happening on 26-27 April 2014 at the Life Science Centre in the middle of the city. They refer to it as “a two day festival of hackers, crafters, coders, DIYers and garden shed inventors” and it’s great fun for both kids and adults who like making things or seeing the amazing things that others make.  More information available at:

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  • Tech Weekend

    Just finished the first of our Tech Weekends.  We had a great time (and hope the children did as well!)  Most of them opted to build a laser tag game gun but Barney chose other kits and it was interesting to see what he was able to do with connecting some off-the-shelf kits.  His first one was a siren with adjustable pitch and sound effect.  His second was a ‘clap switch’ which can turn a device on or off by clapping twice.  By connecting these two together with a reed switch (a magnetically-operated switch), he created a burglar alarm that can sense a door opening and sound a siren, but one that can be armed and disarmed by clapping.  It was a creative way of combining the projects.  And just in case any would-be burglars think they’ve got the heads-up on Barney’s new security system, you have to already be in the room to be close enough to the microphone to be able to disarm the system! (And there’s also no guarantee he hasn’t already modified it to electrify the door knobs as well!)

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  • Girls Enjoying Technology

    On Wednesday Townley Grammar School celebrated their STEAM day, one of their three annual off-curriculum days. We were glad to take part in this celebration. It was great for us to work exclusively with girls as sometimes our technology workshops are seen more as boy’s activities, which is not the case.

    The day began with Tom’s show on UV light, which took place in the school gym. The girls made their own UV torches in order to continue investigating at home the wonders of this special light.

    With piles of laser-cut cardboard and sticky tape the students that stayed at the gym had a fun time creating wonderful marble roller coasters, helped by our colleagues Felix and Finlay. Over four hours these girls worked in teams of four, and at the end of the session most of their designs worked perfectly. This has been the first time that we have introduced an electric marble lift to these structures and it was very successful. It allowed them to work indefinitely in a loop without any intervention. At the bottom of this post you can watch a video of one of these creations.

    At the same time Tom and myself taught the

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  • BP Rocket Workshop

    We've just finished running a rocketry activity at a corporate workshop for a BP team. This is a great activity as it can be done at multiple levels with all ages and abilities. With the more able (and adult) group that we had today we can cover a lot of ground in a few hours, exploring some theory as well as building and flying a couple of rockets. I guess it makes a nice change from a team-building day making rafts ...

    We started with a little introduction to the theory before starting a simple build to demonstrate the construction method and provide an opportunity to see how the rockets are put together and how they are launched. The team members then made a second rocket from scratch, but this time trying to build the highest-flying model by minimising weight, and altering the recovery mechanism and other design features such as the fin shape.

    We then attached electronic logging altimeters to the second set of rockets to see which designs worked the best. It's worth looking at the image of the flight curves (below in the gallery). The vertical axis is metres and the horizontal axis is the sample number. There

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