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  • Our Computer Camps For Kids

    Our Computer Camps For Kids

    Does your child love their gadgets and wants to learn more about how technology is developed? If they love experimenting with computers, simply book them onto one of our tech camps in 2018.

    Tech Camp hope to inspire the next generation of inventors through our coding, electronics and engineering holiday camps for kids.

    We live in a technological age and computer skills are highly skilled by employers. Helping them learn computer engineering skills can be hugely beneficial, and, when done at one of our tech camps, is a great way to meet new friends.

    Nothing beats meeting people who have the same interests as you, as our previous visitors will testify. Whether your child is interested in game design, robotics or laser tag, you’re find a computer camp to suit them.

    Much more sociable and fun than playing with computers at home, Tech Camp can help them learn many useful

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  • Game Design Courses For Children

    Game Design Courses For Children

    Does your child love the idea of designing a video game?

    Tech Camp is the original and one of the most well-known tech camps, holding fun and educational events all over the UK.

    With our awe-inspiring technology camps, your child can learn to design a computer game, build a robot or learn how to code- all skills that are useful for the future!

    Game design 1-3 for children.

    On our courses on Game Design your son or daughter can learn about programming, game art creation and sound effects. This popular full week camp is ideal for kids who love videogames and want an insight into how they’re designed.

    The software we use for our game design for children is extremely easy to use. Using it, they can discover how to create both static and animated characters from our experienced artists.

    Taking their game skills to the next level, your child

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  • Discover Our Tech Camps In London

    Discover Our Tech Camps In London

    Do you have a child that loves technology and could make a career of it in the future?

    If you’re looking for a holiday camp in London, why not choose Tech Camps to help them develop their skills?

    Whether you’re looking for residential or day camps, Tech Camps offer both these options in London and a variety of other locations.

    We offer a massive range of tech camps, including those for children interested in building robots, learning code or designing computer games. We are the original tech camps for children aged 9-17, with our expert tutors having studied at the UK’s leading institutions. They can help them develop skills that could be a real help in the future.

    An experience like no other in the UK.

    Giving the opportunity to meet other like-minded children, these holiday camps enable them to get creative like never before. Although bookings for the 2017

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  • Our Drone Building Camp In Winchester

    Our Drone Building Camp In Winchester

    Drones have come a long way since they were used purely for military use and are now one of the most popular ways to capture unique and often breath-taking pictures. Bizarrely, they’ve also been used to deliver pizzas and by farmers, for aerial views of their crops.

    Many children love drones and the idea of experimenting with them. If this sounds like your boy or girl, why not bring them along to our Drone Building Camp?

    With Tech Camp, children can learn how to build both robots and games, including Quadcopters , which are a type of drone.

    Our quadcopter building course is suitable for all campers aged 13+, irrespective of experience. It is ideal for any child interested in learning the fundamentals of aerodynamics, including flight stabilisation and the physics of quadcopters.

    The course takes place in Winchester and involves building a quadcopter, practising using a computer simulator and learning

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  • Exciting Game Design Classes For Children

    Exciting Game Design Classes For Children

    Would your child love to learn the art of game design?

    It goes without saying, the tech industry has never been bigger and is likely only to grow in the future. If you have a child interested in game design, this could be a potentially exciting career path for them to pursue once they grow up.

    If you’re looking to ways to encourage children to develop their skills, Tech Camp offer a range of exciting coding and computer engineering camps. There’s no better way to make the most of their summer than help to grow one of their biggest passions.

    Whether your child would love to design a robot, learn skills in coding, design games or discover more about electronics, Tech Camp can make it happen.

    Our courses take place at many of the UK’s leading institutions, teaching children aged 9-17 a range of skills that could incite a passion

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