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Camper Creates PPE for NHS

We just received an email from one of last year’s campers who responded to a call to create some PPE for their local NHS:

“My son attended Tech Camp last summer and learnt to use a 3D printer. Yesterday we got an SOS from Winchester hospital asking for PPE. Harry immediately researched a design and put his printer to work. The first batch are done!

The headpiece is printed, and the visor is made with A4 transparencies that he got from Amazon. He is aiming to make 100 of them.

Thank you for teaching these skills that can now be put to such good use. Harry would be happy to help anyone who needs support getting it up and running.

These won’t be going into ICU as I believe/hope they have the proper job, it’s to be used in community, triage, home visits, hot hubs were supply is poorer. We got the following forwarded yesterday from a local Doctor who posted on a Hampshire village WhatsApp:

Today’s science homework for all budding entrepreneurs/engineers of the future... can you make, 3D print a protective visor that can be used as PPE. They will be used.... currently resorting to A-level science specs. There are tonnes of simple ideas on the internet. We will wear what you make and distribute surplus."

They're based on this design available here if anyone would like to try making some of them.

It might be best to join up with a group who is coordinating the making of these. There's one in the UK here. That way you could use your 3D printer and make the major part (the headband) and benefit from others who are able to easily put together the rest of the kit and handle logistics. We'd suggest you make contact first to check if you can help before printing off hundreds of these!