... and why learning from mistakes matters

How we keep things safe

Tech Camp is a safe experience for your child. We are of course fully insured, and only employ staff for the sessions that are well-qualified for the role. All adults working at the camp are DBS checked. We carry out detailed risk assessments for all activities.

Statistically, the sort of camp that we run is less risky than a typical sports camp. Although putting rockets into the hands of 10 year-olds may sound dangerous, model rocketry as a hobby has a much lower associated risk than most other activities that children participate in.

It is also well known that children are much more likely to be seriously injured in the home than at any school-based activity, including school excursions and camps such as this.

Why accepting the possibility of (minor) injuries is a learning moment

Having said all this, there is no guarantee that your child will not have a minor injury whilst at camp.

In fact, it is quite possible that your child may come back with some sort of minor injury! So how does this statement fit with our previous one? What we mean, is that whilst serious injuries are unlikely, we would be surprised if your child did not come back with a cut on their finger, or a minor burn caused by a soldering iron. We teach the children how to use knives and soldering irons on our events, so that they DON'T injure themselves, but as part of real learning comes the requirement that you allow children to make mistakes. The damage you can do to yourself with a tool the size of a pencil is limited, and in our opinion, the risk is not only worth taking, but essential for real learning to occur.

In the words of John Bradshaw:

It's okay to make mistakes. Mistakes are our teachers - they help us to learn.

If you are a parent, and haven't seen '5 Dangerous things you should let your kids do' then please do so!