Meet the Team

Core Team

Our core team work across all venues, planning the season, training staff, setting up the venues, and making sure everything runs smoothly.

We're not like your typical kids' camp. Founded and run by a professional electrical engineer and teacher, who has designed workshops for international science festivals, TV and even the London Science Museum, we've got engineering and technology at our heart.

Tom Ward

MD & Founder

An award-winning electronic engineer & teacher, Tom started the first camp in 2008 to fill up the long summer holidays and soon turned it from a hobby into a full-time occupation.

Sarah Biggs

Operations & Training

Sarah is an expert in Governance who has worked for the Bank of England and the FSA.  Sarah is also a trained chef and leads the management training programme with us.

Seasonal Team

When we're running our events we draw on the expertise of many more staff. Our tutors are chosen for their technical expertise and teaching ability. Typically undergraduates studying engineering or computer science at UK's leading universities, we need our tutors to be able to be top of their field and able to stretch event the most able geeky teens!  We also employ experienced managers who are often teachers. As well as running the events, they're also paediatric-trained first-aiders and in charge of pastoral care.