3D Printing 2

Build a more advanced 3D Printer and learn real product design

If you've already done our 3D Printing 1 course, but are mad keen on design and 3D printers, you might like to try a harder version of the course and get your hands on our new 3D printer at the same time.

Campers who have previously done the junior version of the course using Tinkercad will upgrade their skills by learning Fusion 360, as used by professional engineers.

If you already have done the 'Fusion 360' version of the course, we've got an even more advanced version that will teach real product design skills, including adding features like ribs, bosses, snap catches, joints and assemblies. Along the way you'll design a water bottle, a replaceable-bit screwdriver (complete with bits that we provide), use flexible filament and much more.

This course is strictly for campers who have done 3D Printing 1. When booking this version of '3D Printing' you should select the 'Level 2' option on checkout.

Skill Required
Beginner to Advanced
Easter + Summer
1 Week
Residential from £1405 Non-res from £870
Skill Building

You'll take home

  • A professional-quality 3D printer (Ender 3 V3 SE)
  • All of your 3D-printed designs you make
  • All of your designs and CAD software

You'll learn

  • How to assemble, use and repair a 3D Printer
  • How to create parts suited to 3D Printing
  • About bosses, ribs, snap-catches, joints and assemblies

Need to know

  • 1:8 Staff-Student Ratio
  • All Equipment Provided
Why do 3D Printing 2



Take it home

Don't just learn about them - build your own professional-quality 3D printer to take home


Professional Skills

Start simple and move to professional CAD software used by engineers


Unique Projects

Learn about real product design with our custom Tech Camp projects

3D Printing 2 In Detail

All campers start with learning how to build and setup their own 3D printer. This time you'll be assembling a brand-new printer that's even more reliable and easier to use.

Then, the version of the course you'll do depends on what you've done before. If you've previously done the 'Tinkercad' version of the course, you'll learn Autodesk Fusion 360, professional software used daily by engineers. You'll be learning professional CAD skills as you make things like phone stands, lampshades and custom game pieces.

If you've already done the 'Fusion 360' version of our course, you'll delve more into product design, and specifically how to 'design for manufacture'. You'll be creating features like ribs to strengthen designs and cut down on the amount of plastic used, make two-part designs such as our interchangeable-bit screwdriver which fit together using screw bosses, and discover how to do surface modelling. Please note that this is a slightly less-structured version of the course - you will be working through some tutorials, but after that you'll be designing your own objects with the assistance of your tutor, so this is a perfect follow-up course for those who have been using their 3D printer a lot since the last course and want to take their skills to the next level.

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Building the printer

You'll start on the first day by building your 3D printer. You'll then learn how to level the bed and use the 'slicing' software to convert a 3D model into a format the printer can use. Then you'll move on to your first test print!


Learning More 3D CAD

If you've only used Tinkercad before, you'll now discover how to use Fusion 360, a professional CAD package used by engineers. Those familiar already with this will progress to real product-design tutorials and start creating tools and tool cases.


Designing your own things

After you've learnt how to use 3D CAD software, later in the week you'll be able to try designing your own things. Perhaps you'd like a custom phone holder or a stationery holder? You can continue with your 3D designs when you go home with your 3D printer!

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