Drone Racing Summer Camp

Learn to build and fly a racing drone from scratch with a camera and video headset!

Do you want the adrenaline rush of a high-speed racing experience without even leaving your chair? Come to our drone racing summer camp and learn how to become a talented drone pilot, and to experience the exhilarating sport of drone racing!

As with all Tech Camp courses, take home all of your equipment at the end including the racing drone, video headset, controller and racing hoop.



Skill Required

Beginner to Advanced


Easter + Summer Holidays


5 Days (Easter 4 Days)


Easter: Winchester, Summer: All

Why do Drone Racing


Take it home

Build, race and take home a full set of FPV drone racing equipment

Professional Skills

Get in-depth knowledge with cutting-edge drone tuning experience, and learn coding in C++

Unique Projects

Designed by professional engineers for the perfect combination of learning and fun

You'll take home

  • Racing drone with camera
  • Transmitter and video headset
  • Custom LED racing hoop

You'll learn

  • How to fly a racing drone
  • Drone building, tuning and troubleshooting
  • Soldering and electronics
  • C++ programming for your LED racing hoop
  • Drone theory and operation

Need to Know

  • 1:8 Staff-Student Ratio
  • All Equipment Provided

Drone Racing In Detail

Courses run 9:30am - 4:30pm* Mon-Fri
*Winchester venue finishes 5:30pm/3:15pm (Last Day)

With the help of our experienced tutors, build your own drone then practise flying on a realistic virtual simulator using a real transmitter to hone your skills. When you're ready, move on to the real thing and race against your classmates to get the fastest time on the circuit.

As well as flying, learn about how drones work and how to tune their performance. Construct and solder your own custom LED racing ring and learn how to program a microcontroller to control it and create impressive visual effects.

Take everything in the photos home at the end of the camp to continue flying!

Day 1

Icebreaker activities

Introduction to soldering and hoop building

Beginner C++ tutorials

Simulator introduction and self-levelling mode practice


My child has no experience of remote control drones or planes - can they still attend?
Yes! Our courses cater for all levels, from complete novice to advanced modellers. Our very high ratios (an average of 1 tutor for every 6 campers) allow us to deliver a personalised learning experience for each camper, so everyone gets as much as possible out of their course with us.
Five Stars Year 3 for Jack at Tech Camp and he loved it. The drone course was fabulous and the equipment he brought home with him as part of his course made the additional cost worthwhile ... I would not hesitate to book for a fourth year.

Fiona Tennant Lewis, August 2017
Childcare vouchers accepted

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