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Careers in Tech

The number of careers in tech are growing by the day, here are just a few examples of how you can turn your passion into a career!

1. Software Engineer rated Software Developer as the number one job in the technology industry. This career is in high demand, requiring you to have in-depth technical knowledge and also a creative eye. Software developers are hired over a spectrum of industries as they are often hired by clients who want a new programme or for their existing one to be updated. Understanding C++ and Python are vital in this field of work.

2. Web Developer
Website Developers are responsible for how a website looks and how it works. Coding needs to be second nature to developers so they can design websites with ease. The most common coding languages for Website Developers are: HTML5, JavaScript and Java.

3. Information Security Analyst
For many companies, cyber security is highly important to ensure data is kept protected. To protect from cyber attacks, Information Security Analysts are hired by companies to educate staff and to conduct assessments that highlight potential risks. Their aim is to hopefully minimise the risk of a data breech before it takes place.

4. Artificial Intelligence
The number of jobs in AI has dramatically risen in recent years, as AI is being developed to aid humans in many areas of life. AI is both used to solve practical problems in businesses and for consumer products (such as Amazon Echo).  

5. Games Developer
There is a wide variety of jobs within the development of games both online and for consoles, ranging from design, animation, programming and audio. If you are creative and love technology this career may excite you.