Game Design Courses For Children

Game Design Courses For Children

Does your child love the idea of designing a video game?  Tech Camp is the original and one of the most well-known tech camps, holding fun and educational events all over the UK.  With our awe-inspiring technology camps, your child can learn to design a computer game, build a robot or learn how to code- all skills that are useful for the future!

On our courses on Game Design your son or daughter can learn about programming, game art creation and sound effects. This popular full week camp is ideal for kids who love video games and want an insight into how they’re designed.

The software we use for our game design for children is extremely easy to use. Using it, they can discover how to create both static and animated characters from our experienced artists.

Taking their game skills to the next level, your child can produce truly professional looking video games. Suitable for children aged 7-19 years of age, this tech camp is available at both residential and non-residential venues. Our Advanced Level 2 Course lasts for two-weeks and is ideal for budding game designers.

Level 3 involves learning how to add moving platforms, mouse controlled firing direction, screen shake effects and much more!

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