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How Are Our Online Courses Being Received?

'They can do it at home and at their own pace, two hours is perfect because it’s enough time to get their teeth into something without being stuck to the screen all day!'

As our first week of Summer courses draws to a close, we want to hear your feedback!

We had some great comments from Jane whose two sons, 12 and 13, have just completed our new Electronics Designer (12-16) course this week. 'It's an absolutely brilliant course! I think it has got a really good combination of being complicated enough, without being impossible and it's very interesting.'

When asked if she thought her children had learnt a lot from this week she replied: 'Yes, definitely. Because in school, they don’t have time to do everything physically. When I was young everything was an experiment, everything we did through our hands. Whereas now they just learn about how it might work because they’re quite time constrained. But really, it’s all about exploring and learning and this is the stuff that inspires kids and excites kids.'

At Tech Camp we take a very practical approach, on the Electronics Designer course you will receive an ‘Inventor Kit’ based on the BBC micro:bit. One of our Tech Camp certified tutors will teach you how to create your own games, music machines and wind-powered generators. You will learn how to create your own circuits with LEDs, motors, buzzers and more!

Jane also mentioned that early teens are often left out of activities: 'I know teens are very busy with their GCSEs but actually, Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 are too old to do the kiddie camp and not old enough to do exciting things.' But here at Tech Camp we understand the importance of engaging children of all ages, teens too! We have a number of courses available for the 12-16 age group.

Please note: after lock-downs ceased in the UK and our physical camps reopened, demand for our online courses dropped off significantly so we are no longer offering these as options.