Looking For Computer Design Camps In London?

Looking For Computer Design Camps In London?

Do you have a computer whizz on your hands? Would your child love to meet new friends who are also interested in technology?

If you’re based in London or Winchester, your child is always welcome at one of our technology camps. We offer a huge choice of courses which are ideal for any budding inventor.

The digital sector is now one of the biggest in the UK and has an extremely bright future. The world always needs more people interested in computer design, with a shortage of computer engineers in this rapidly expanding market. Computer game design is also a highly exciting field for a child to be interested in, which is another subject we cover at Tech Camp.

Skills like coding are now considered so important that many schools are considering having lessons on the subject.

If your child is interested in computers, they could easily turn this passion into a career, or become an inventor of new and exciting gadgets.

Our computer design camps are an excellent way to help them meet others who also interested in technology. With our Inventor School, your child can learn core electronics skills, programming for microcontrollers and how to apply skills to practical projects.

Boy testing coding challenge

Our expert tutors have studied at the world’s top institutions and will help your children make exciting projects they can take home. Our flagship venue is in Winchester, but we also have camps which take place in London.

Tech Camp have a number of new courses in Easter 2018 which include Drone Racing, 3D Printing, Maker Week and Game Design 1-3.

We also offer the choice of either residential or day camps.