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Steady Hand Game for The Science Museum

Steady Hand Game for The Science Museum

We've just designed a new kit for The Science Museum and popped in tonight to see how the kids got on. It's for their Science Nights so it had to be simple; they have around 450 kids in each time they run it, in classes of 150 at a time!

It's a "Steady Hand" buzzer game that fits in with the season's electricity and magnets theme. It's all built with just a screwdriver, and takes around 15 minutes to construct. Showing off these are the first kids to make one; a bunch of boys who were there for a birthday party.

If you're in the south east of England and have kids from 8-11 years old, these nights are great fun for a birthday party, school excursion, or community group. The boys and girls sleep over in the museum and take part in several workshops. They even get to see a 3D imax and play in the launchpad gallery; my favourite part!