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The Benefits of Learning to Code

Learning to code is a valuable skills for anyone to master

Coding uses languages to communicate with the computer. It allows us to create websites, software, apps and much more. The coding language you need varies depending on what you want to create. All languages give the computer instructions to follow.

Coding comes with many benefits, as well as being able to create and design your own software, it also brings benefits you may not have considered.

1. Coding requires you to think logically.
Coding takes big and often complicated problems and requires you to solve these step by step in much more smaller, and manageable, stages.

2. It helps with creativity.
We can also use coding to create computer games and interactive digital artwork. Whether you are designing your own game or your own website, it encourages you to be creative and think outside of the box.

3. It helps to build resilience.
Coding requires you to persevere and not give up when your code doesn't work the first time. You have to be resilient, as it often takes a lot of time to learn new codes and figure out how to tackle a new obstacle.

4. Coding can develop your maths skills.
The skills learnt in maths are necessary when coding. What this also means is that coding develops the skills we have to use when solving problems in maths.

5. Coding can lead to a successful career.
One of the biggest bonuses of knowing how to code is that it can lead you to a career that is in high demand, and the salaries aren't bad either! Computer programmers can earn up to £54,000, software developers can earn up to £70,000 and game developer earn up to £74,000.