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The Positives of Video Games

Video games get a lot of bad press, but are they really that bad?

Tired of people telling you that you spend too much time gaming? Tell them these facts and maybe they will think twice!

1. Problem solving
Video games require players to think. Problem solving skills can be developed through playing video games. Players need to think smart and quick, sticking to the rules and acting fast!

2. Multi-tasking
Playing games can improve coordination. Players need to multi-task visually, audibly and physically.

3. Improve reading skills
Players, especially children, can improve their reading skills. They are often required to read instructions and follow the text in order to complete a task or level.

4. Memory
Good memory is important for players as they may have to remember instructions throughout the game. Not only remembering phrases but also the keys on your keyboard may be essential to success, as speed is sometimes vital!

5. Social skills
With the rise in multi-player online video games, gamers are encouraged to play with fellow players. This can improve social skills as a new form of socialising has arisen and it is sometimes necessary to complete tasks together.

6. Build a career
Video gaming can now even been made into a career. There are now thousands of gamers with YouTube channels who film their gameplays but by far the most impressive has been the 16-year-old who won the first Fortnite World Cup last year winning $3 million! Followed by the 99 solo runners up each received between $50,000 and $1.8 million each!