Unlikely Rivals: Drones vs. Footballers

 Not a football fan? Ever wondered whether you could design something which would show up even the most talented sportsperson in the world? Well, take a look at this video where professional Drone Racing League (DRL) pilot, Dunkan, heads to France to take on 5 top OCG Nice football players with his Racer3 drone. 

 Dunkan Bossion set an all-time DRL record in 2018, winning three back-to-back levels. The drone he is flying, the Racer3, has since been replaced by the Racer4 in the DRL, but is still a fantastically powerful and agile Quadcopter drone, with the ability to reach 80mph in less than a second, and fly 6-8 kilometres high. It also has 16 pounds of thrust and a top speed of 90mph. 


Ready to check it out? Click play at the top!


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