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Want to Get Better At Minecraft? We Can Teach You How to Play Like Never Before

Our online Minecraft Inventions courses can help you play Minecraft on a new, improved level, by teaching you how to create your own gadgets and inventions - from secret floor traps to puzzles and timers.

The world’s most successful casual game, Minecraft is obviously fun, but it can be even better. Using Redstone, we can teach you to shape  Minecraft servers to exciting new extremes, creating gadgets, inventions, traps, puzzles, and even doors which require specific items to open them.

The Minecraft platform is actually a fantastic and fun way to learn about logic, machines and digital circuitry, so you play it on our course and even tell your Mum that you are doing something educational!

We offer two courses, for 9-12-year-olds and 13-17-year-olds, where you can design in a virtual world with others in your class. This means you can work in your own area, explore someone else’s designs, or even work together to build something incredible. There is a maximum of 8 students per class, so you can be collaborative whilst still getting plenty of individual support.

Minecraft is not just for fun - countless people have made careers or just money from their ingenious work! Microsoft created a marketplace when it made the game, which allowed designers to apply to enter and then sell their creations. When in the marketplace, anyone in the world could download your design, and pay a little for it too!