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What Are The Uses of UV Light?

Ultraviolet Light has many different uses and is often vital within hospital settings, lets take a look at some of the most popular uses

UV light has various uses, from detecting forged bank notes to hardening dental fillings. Here are just a few useful ways UV light can be used!

Germicidal Lamps
Many industries require water, air and or surfaces to be sterilised, and they often use UVC light applications to do this. The food industry uses UV lamps to disinfect surfaces during irradiation. Irradiation is a process which is used to prolong shelf life, preserve the nutritional value or food and to sterilise pathogens in food to reduce health hazards.

Treating Water
UV lamps are a safe and efficient way to treat water. This prevents the need of using harmful chemicals which would harm rivers and oceans. Germicidal lamps are also used in medical air conditioning systems to sterilise pathogens which cause illnesses.

UVB stimulates the production of vitamin D, which our bodies need, and an excess of this can result in tanning. UV lights are used in sun beds to give users a sun tan, however, too much exposure to USB can cause various skin cancers.

UV has the ability to inactivate bacteria and viruses. UVC can sterilise surfaces and is used to sterilise medical equipment.