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Overseas Campers

It's very unlikely as we plan our events around 1 year in advance.  At our Winchester venue, we've never changed the dates.  If you are looking to come to another venue, do feel free to drop us a line and ask us if you need any more assurance.

YES! Most of our equipment is relatively small and can easily be packed safely in a case travelling in the hold rather than as hand luggage.  We suggest that international campers bring a large case that is not fully packed with personal items and we will make sure that the car/drone/laser taggers/robotics kit are safely packed.

The largest item is the 3D printer.  If you are travelling home after camp on a flight or by rail, we will help you pack up your printer for transport. You will need an extra standard hand luggage size case.  We suggest packing one inside a large case on your travel to camp - the minimum size for the printer is 53cm x 38cm x 20cm.  We will help campers safely pack the printer for transport

If you are travelling on a train or otherwise can't take your printer home fully assembled, it can be packed down into the cardboard box it comes in for you to take home.

You will be able to access the assembly instructions after the course to help you put it back together again.

We can certainly help you.   We have used a local taxi company - Wessex Cars for many years. There is more information here.  If you still need assistance, then do contact us.

Campers do not need to sit a language test or produce a certificate to attend a course - but these are technical courses and not language courses.  We recommend campers have a level of around B1 to make sure they make the most of the course.

During a season we would expect to have visitors from around 21 countries, primarily at our residential camps, but around 90% of our campers are either from the UK or native English speakers.  

These are technical courses so overseas students need a level of English of around B1.

Overseas students often need a letter confirming the dates/course booked and the residential details in order to support their Visa Application, and this varies by country.  We can certainly help with this (but not with the Visa Application itself) - just contact the office.