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How much do the camps cost?

They vary depending on course, location and length, but generally start at around £450 per week for non-residential campers and around twice this for residential campers.  Pricing varies by course as some courses have no consumable fee (game design for example), whereas others (like drone racing or 3D printing), involve some expensive take-home equipment that can add up to £200.  We realise there are many cheaper options if you're up for a week of entertainment in the summer holidays, but that's not what we're about.  We want to make a lasting effect on young people and inspire them to be tomorrow's engineers, designers, inventors and makers, which is why we always include high-quality equipment and supplies that are taken home after the camp finishes so the learning can continue.  To find out a more accurate cost, click the 'More Info' button on the course you are interested in and scroll down to the 'Upcoming .... Courses' section to see the individual venue prices.  Alternatively go to the Booking Page - the table will show you a 'From' price for each course/venue combination (based on the non-residential version of the camp).

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