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Is Tech Camp for ...

Our courses are designed for those with interest and enthusiasm for engineering, coding, computers, gaming and tech in general.  Just like you would send a musical or sporty child to the appropriate camp - we love the techie kids (who may of course also be musical and sporty as well!)

None of our courses require prior experience, but we find if the interest in our camps is child-led and parent encouraged and supported rather than the parent assuming it is a "good thing to do" the camper gets the best out of the course.

No - all of our courses are designed for complete beginners to those with experience.  The staff ratio makes sure that both beginners and experienced campers all get the best from the course.  All we ask for is a genuine enthusiasm and interest in technology, coding and engineering.  Have a look at the courses page with your potential camper to see which general type of courses might suit - coding, engineering or game design!

An 8-year-old can attend a course, so long as they are turning 9 in the calendar year the course is running. For example, for a Summer course in 2020, they must be turning 9 before the end of December 2020. The same principle applies for other age ranges on advanced courses that are for ages 11-17  or 13-17 years.

At Tech Camp we find that a few campers with an interest in technology are also on the autistic spectrum, and parents worry about them feeling comfortable and “fitting in”. Our Senior Management Team has many years’ experience working with such campers and we aim to support specific needs on an individual basis. Our tutor ratio and training enable us to do this – but it is important that these needs are advised and discussed in advance so that tutors and other staff are aware of any particular requirements.

Often, we find that the ability to concentrate on an area of interest and peer recognition for tech skills, together with being surrounded by other campers who all like the same things reduces anxiety, improves self-esteem and is a great self-confidence boost!

We aim to ensure that Tech Camp is as accessible as possible and many campers with a range of disabilities have attended.  Please call the office on 01183805678 or contact us so we can discuss any individual needs with you.