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Airport/London Transfers

For our residential camps, we offer a transfer service to/from London Waterloo station.  The cost of this is £50 per trip and the exact details and timings are normally sorted out by us in the week before the event.  Typically we meet at Waterloo a couple of hours before the camp starts (which is 4pm, so we usually meet around 2pm) at the information desk on the ground floor of the station.  We return the campers to the same location a couple of hours after the event has finished (making it around 5pm at Waterloo on the last day of camp).  This service can be booked when you register for a camp online.  Depending on the number of campers using this service we may purchase train tickets for them and travel with them to/from Winchester via a train and taxi.  If there are a large number of campers we sometimes book a coach for the transfers instead.

For international campers travelling to a London airport we can offer an escorted taxi service in conjunction with our travel partner, Wessex Cars.  To find out more information please contact Valerie on +44(0) 1962 877749 or via email at their web site.  Wessex cars will be able to meet your child at the airport and deliver them back in time for their outward flight.  Please note that this is a private arrangement between yourself and Wessex Cars so you will need to pay for this separately, but we have used them for a number of years and have found them very reliable.  Their drivers are all DBS checked (a criminal checking process required for anyone working with children in the UK).

They will quote you a fixed price for this service for a car that seats up to four, but guidelines prices are as follows:

  • Heathrow - £100 (around an hour)
  • Gatwick - £110 (around an hour)
  • Luton - £135
  • Stanstead - £175
  • London City - £165
  • Southampton - £40

There will also be a fee of around £15 per hour for a fully escorted service as well as car park fees.  Although these are normally not a lot in case of flight delays the costs can quickly add up.

When you have flight times and transfers booked, please let us know the details so we can make sure that we are ready for your child / your child is ready for the transfers!  If you are using this service you should choose flight times to get your child to camp between 3pm and 6pm on the first Sunday of camp and for your child to leave camp between 3pm and 6pm on the last day.  If wanting to book flights where timings will be outside of these windows, please contact us before making any bookings.  Generally it is possible for them to arrive at camp a little later on the Sunday evening if needed and depart a little earlier on the last day (or indeed a little later if it is not the very last day of our camps when we are all engaged in the packup/cleanup process so are not able to take care of any late-staying campers after 6pm).