Laser Tag

Design, create and code an advanced wireless laser tag system

Laser Tag is a future course that will be offered in 2022

Do you like gadgets and technology & designing and building things? Build the most advanced Laser Tag system available, complete with two taggers, and two electronic base boxes. You'll design your own custom shape for your taggers, and create your own customised Laser Tag experience by hacking the software!

You'll learn soldering, model-making techniques and coding, and as with all Tech Camp courses, you'll take everything home to continue your tech adventures yourself and with your friends. After camp you can continue adding accessories and modding the software.



Skill Required

Beginner to Advanced


Future Course (2022)


5 Days



Why do Laser Tag


Take it home

Design, build and take-home a full set of customised laser tag equipment

Professional Skills

Learn model-making and electronic skills and programming with Arduinos

Unique Projects

Designed in-house by professional engineers, this system is not available anywhere else

You'll take home

  • 2 x Custom Laser Taggers
  • 2 x Game Control Boxes
  • USB drive with custom software and programs

You'll learn

  • Fine soldering skills
  • Computer CAD design in 2D
  • Mechanical assembly skills
  • C++ programming for custom tagger software

Need to Know

  • 1:8 Staff-Student Ratio
  • All Equipment Provided

Laser Tag In Detail

Courses run 9:30am - 4:30pm* Mon-Fri
*Winchester venue finishes 5:30pm/3:15pm (Last Day)

Even though you'll build it yourself, it's one of the most advanced Laser Tag systems available and is another Tech Camp exclusive project that's not available anywhere else in the world. The system includes wireless controllers that can start and stop games, set parameters like the number of lives, the amount of ammunition available, and whether 'friendly fire' is enabled. You can even use them as team bases in games of 'capture the flag' and 'domination.'

You'll start by designing the laser tag units themselves using CAD software, and then build them out of modelling foam. After that, you'll create the electronic circuitry that acts as the brains of the system, as well as the wireless controllers. You'll then find out how to 'hack' the software to customise your game. You'll learn by modifying the sample code how to do basic C programming, changing reload and fire rates, sound effects, and the user interface.

Laser tag is a perfect course for those who'd like a variety of experiences, including designing and making, soldering, coding, and high-paced game-play.

Day 1
Design your laser taggers using 2D CAD


Is the course safe? Lasers and soldering irons sound dangerous!
We take a very proactive approach to safety on all of our courses. Despite the name, like almost all 'Laser Tag' systems, they don't use real lasers, and instead use infrared light to 'shoot' and detect hits which is perfectly safe, just like your TV remote control.

In this course, children will be using tools including soldering irons, which can cause burns, but soldering is a very safe activity.  Due to the size of the soldering irons (about the size of a pencil), any burns are very small and heal quickly. Safety briefings and teaching children how to use tools safely is a very important part of the course and minimises the risk - for more information please see our safety page.
Five Stars Our kids are back from their 3rd/1st trip to Tech Camp. They’re raving about it and already picking the courses for next year. My son (14) has done two game design courses on previous stays but tried his hand at making a 3D printer this year. It’s absolutely amazing and he’s designing and printing all sorts of things ...

Victoria Jane, August 2019
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